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And the results are in...

By The DermOwls, Aug 7 2016 07:35AM

Round 1 2016 dermatology was extremely competitive, with 158 applicants in total and only 34 NTNs available and 3 LATs in Scotland. Our DermOwl candidates reported back that the interview was really tough, especially the research station, but luckily many did extremely well. Out of the candidates who attended the DermOwl course and did one-to-ones for Round 1 (and let us know how they did), 12 got NTNs and 1 got a LAT post. A number of DermOwl attendees also received competitive clinical fellow posts.

We are thrilled that everyone did well and, to those who did not get the job they wanted, keep working and you will get there. Round 2 is just around the corner!!!

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‘I received great support and tutorage from Dr. Worsnop and Dr. Spierings in preparation for my Dermatology ST3 interview. With their guidance and knowledge I managed to boost my confidence and preparation to rank number one out of the candidates nationally.’

CF, London Trainee

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‘I have always been nervous at interviews, and my interview for a number clearly was so important that I was sure my nerves would impede my performance.  Dr Worsnop and Dr Spierings provided me with the tools to sell myself effectively to the panel and make myself stand out.  The interview could not have gone better and I attribute this entirely to preparation and practice.  Thank you, Owls!’

CS, Bristol Trainee

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